Covid-19 Vaccine Information

We know you have questions about the new COVID-19 Vaccines!

Many of you have reached out to us regarding the availability of the recently FDA approved COVID-19 Vaccine.

Garner Internal Medicine has received small amounts of COVID 19 vaccine in the past few days.  We are working to schedule patients that either are 80 and over or whom have called and asked to be placed on a waiting list.  We hope to be able to continue to receive vaccine.  However, please know that we cannot vaccinate nearly all of our patients in a timely manner so PLEASE continue to use the resources below to attempt to receive the vaccine.  We encourge ALL patients who are currently eligible to seek vaccination.

Please use your patient portal account to reach us if you would like to be considered for vaccination here at our office.  Our phones have been VERY busy with answering questions about COVID vaccination in addition to all our our other routine patient questions and scheduling requests. 

For detailed information that is updated daily at a statewide level including information about what vaccination phase the state is in and who is included in the different phases, please go HERE

Currently only patients 65 and over and frontline, COVID facing Healthcare Professionals are eligible to be vaccinated.

It is still likely that early on, county health departments will be coordinating the majority of vaccinations. Please visit your county health department website for additional information about the vaccination phase your county is in and how residents who fall in that category can be vaccinated.  These health department websites will be the best ways to keep up to date regarding local vaccination options. 

In addition, UNC Healthcare has opened a webpage and hotline for COVID VACCINE scheduling.  They have several locations in the area where vaccines are administered 6 or 7 days weekly depending on vaccine supply including at their Smithfield facility.

Visit or call 984-215-5485 for information about these UNC.Rex scheduling options.

Finally, WakeMed is offering drive through vaccinations on Sundays for patients.  You must have a WakeMed MyChart account to be scheduled. If you have a WakeMed MyChart account, please send a portal message to us requesting that you have a COVID vaccine ordered in your MYCHART account.  Once we place the order for your, the order will initiate a phone call from WakeMed to schedule.